Sep 20, 2013

Party Animals

I understand this post is almost a year over due, but the theme of this blog is better late then never. 

All I wanted for my bachelorette party was to be around all my girlfriends and have a typical Ratchet City night out. Also we needed a theme. Instead of everyone dressing the same or wearing wigs or whatever you do for bachelorette parties, I wanted to have an animal theme. I asked everyone to wear animal print and ordered animal masks for everyone to wear.

Let me tell you it was one fabulous night. We started at Superior like you do when you live in Shreveport. Moved the party to Emily's house for a little lingerie shower, play games, take Jello shots, and eat a phallic-shaped cake. Then we bar hopped until we couldn't take it any longer.

It was one of the most fun nights I've ever had. I don't remember too terribly much, but highlights include discovering that rice krispy treats are a great way to show off a man's package on a cake, being slightly embarrassed by the lingerie and questioning game at the shower, walking in the rain to a bar that was "just a block away," and ending the night on my kitchen floor with two of my best friends eating taquitos and a cheese board Aaron made us.

Thanks ladies for such a fun night! It was exactly what I always wanted!